Musicathon for SOFA Students on April 23

Published on: April 5, 2018

Our School of Fine Arts students annually participate in a Musicathon. They will once again be raising funds for the Refuge of Hope School (teacher salaries) in the Dominican Republic. The school operates under the assistance of Ambassadors for Christ. Approximately 150 children who can not afford to go to school because of low socio-economic situations are currently attending the Refuge of Hope School because of this vital ministry.

This year, the School of Fine Arts hopes to raise $300 / month for each of the five full-time teachers who work for the Refuge of Hope School. Our goal is to have all SOFA music students involved in this important fundraiser! Students are encouraged to collect pledges and then perform throughout the day in the Auditorium  (in studio groups) on Monday, April 23.

There will be a special pizza lunch for all SOFA students who collect pledges and participate on Monday, April 23.

Click below for the Musicathon sponsor form and pizza lunch order form:

Musicathon Sponsorship Pizza Lunch Form 2018


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