Abstract Expressionism for Art Students

Published on: February 23, 2017

Grade 12 students in Mrs. Lynelle Taylor’s art class have been studying abstract expressionism. On February 14 Taylor’s class had the opportunity to paint using the influential American painter Jackson Pollock’s techniques. The classroom was colourful and messy and the atmosphere exciting as paint was splashed, marked, layered and poured. Learning how to paint in the genre of abstract expressionism and challenging student’s predefined notions of pictorial space and “art” were objectives of this project.

Linden Christian School is committed to providing a creative and supportive environment for students as they learn to express themselves in the visual arts. Nurturing God-given talents and inspiring our students are priorities at Linden Christian School. Learn more about the objectives of the Visual Arts Department here.


  • Mrs. Lynelle Taylor teaches Grade 12 art.
  • Involved in the process of abstract expressionism
  • We love our spacious art room!
  • Pouring paint!
  • Clean up


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