All Winnipeg Schools Move to Restricted Level (Orange)

Published on: October 28, 2020

Last Friday in Dr. Roussin’s news conference it was announced that schools in Winnipeg would be moving to the Restricted Level (Orange) effective Monday, October 26. A letter from Manitoba Education confirming this directive followed.

At Linden this means:

  • All K-8 students will continue on-site learning with physical distancing of 2 metres to the greatest extent possible. Last week we began to implement additional measures in a number of classrooms to increase physical distance (e.g. removal of excess furniture, exchanging tables for desks).
  • Grades 9-12 will attend school every other day for in-class learning. Assignments are to be completed by students at home on the days they do not have in-class learning. This change for SY will result in new cohorts for students in Grades 9 to 11 to facilitate the 2 metre distance requirement. Further details can be found here.
  • Teachers and staff who move across cohorts of students, including substitute teachers, will now be required to ensure their masks are medical grade.
  • Indoor choir and the use of wind instruments are not permitted.
  • All other public health measures are still in effect.

LCS Administration and staff have been planning and preparing for this possibility for some time and are well positioned to respond to the new directives. We would appreciate your prayers as we implement the new Public Health guidelines.

– Robert Charach, Principal and CEO

All communication from LCS Administration regarding COVID-19 can be found here on our COVID-19 Update Page.

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