Terry Fox Run with Cohorts / September 28 – October 2

Published on: September 25, 2020

Linden Christian School is happy to announce that K-12 students will be participating in our annual Terry Fox Run / event next week. This year’s theme is “What’s Your 40?”  It has been 40 years since Terry Fox embarked on his Marathon of Hope. The annual run looks very different this year as students will be participating in cohort groups and there are many scheduled runs throughout the week.

This year’s event will have three components:

  1. Educational: Students will have an opportunity to learn about Terry Fox and his legacy in their class. 
  2. Citizenship:  Students are encouraged to bring a loonie or a toonie or other amount felt appropriate to support the fight against cancer. Classroom teachers will collect the donations and they will be passed on to the Terry Fox Foundation. The Foundation will in turn allocate the monies to cancer research. 
  3. Physical Challenges: All students will participate in an activity to commemorate the Terry Fox run. K-4 students will participate within their PhysEd class. Students in Grades 5-12 will undertake an activity on the new outdoor track and basketball court. 

Activities will be completed in appropriate cohorts and include safety protocols as well as physical distancing.

We encourage you and your family to take some time to be active in finding your 40!  For a list of “What’s Your 40?” ideas visit the Terry Fox website here.     

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