Career Café Opportunities for Senior Years Students

Published on: January 19, 2017

Linden Christian School believes in equipping high school students for the future. LCS In-house Career Counsellor Mrs. Cindy Bogusky offers access to resources and opportunities. Our annual Career Café’s help students explore potential career paths. Scheduled over lunch hours, the interested student can hear about the post-secondary education required for particular careers, plus highlights and personal stories from a wide variety of professionals.

This year our students can sign up (outside Mrs. Bogusky’s office) for the following Career Café’s:

  • Emergency Medicine / Dr. Terence Bergmann / January 19
  • Security Contractor / James Buhler / February 8
  • Pharmacist / Jennifer Gibson / February 16
  • Software Developer / Rod Bruinooge / February 27
  • Police Force / Tyler Loewen / March 1
  • Firefighter / Terry Wiebe / March 9
  • Registered Dietician / Pamela Klassen / March 23

For more information about post-secondary options visit LCS Career Corner.

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