Celebrating Friendship at Annual Chapel

Published on: February 8, 2019

Our community enjoyed presentations from Kindergarten-Grade 6 classrooms at our annual Friendship Chapel on Friday, February 8. Poetry, songs, video and skits with a focus on friendship were performed by 2S, 4TH, KM, 3P, 6H and the Grade 3 Choir. Thank you to our presenting classrooms, choirs and the Early Years Praise and Worship Crew for reinforcing loyalty, kindness and encouragement. Guests were reminded that the one true friend who will never disappoint us is Jesus Christ.

  • Readers Theatre from 3P
  • Early Years Praise & Worship Crew
  • KM sang "Growing in God's Love"
  • "Two is Better than One"
  • Thank you Praise & Worship Crew
  • Friendship Advice!
  • Charlie Brown skit from 4TH
  • Grade 3 Choir




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