Creativity Soars During Middle Years Spirit Week

Published on: February 18, 2016

Students in grades 5-8 had the opportunity to express themselves during Middle Years Spirit Week. A wide variety of costumes were on display during the week of February 16-19th. Tolkien’s Gandalf the Grey, Disney’s Cruella de Vil, Marvel Characters, princesses, and numerous Waldo’s roamed the halls for Fictional Character Day. Creativity soared on Inanimate Object Day; washing machines, calculators, crayons, dice, a toothbrush and iphones were among the top contenders. Profession Day showcased a wide variety of careers ranging from McDonalds employees to CEO’s, Navy Seals and FBI agents. Friday’s Homeroom Wars will see each classroom collectively decide on a theme and compete with other MY classrooms for best idea and best dressed.

Thank you to MYSL (our Middle Years Student Leadership Team) and our supportive Middle Years staff! It was a visually fun week and a great opportunity for students to showcase their school spirit and creativity!


  • Grade 8's Inanimate Objects
  • Staff dress up for Fictional Character Day
  • Profession Day during Spirit Week
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Many crayons for Inanimate Object Day
  • Toothbrush for inanimate object day
  • Thank you MYSL!
  • Scientist
  • Great idea for Profession Day
  • Tolkien theme for Fictional Character Day
  • FBI!


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