Cuba Trip for Music Students

Published on: May 16, 2018

Linden Christian Performing Arts students in Grades 11 and 12 travelled to Cuba at the beginning of May. Band and choir students performed at the Paulita Concepcion Music School and the Provincial Junior Arts High School. They took in a Percussion and Latin Rhythms workshop and enjoyed performances by local students and artists. The trip also included concerts, dance lessons and a Jazz Café,

Students had the opportunity to participate in Mass at the Havana Cathedral, take in car and walking tours, plus spend time at the beach. Students went hiking, sight seeing and built lasting memories.

Visiting an orphanage and community outreach focused the students’ attention on ministry and reinforced our school’s core value of growing into compassionate community members.

Many thanks to the many staff members and supportive parents who made this trip a reality!


  • On their way!
  • So fun!
  • Great way to see local sights!
  • Percussion and Latin Rhythms Workshop
  • Student ministry during the trip
  • Enjoying the beach!
  • Taking in performances
  • Students performed at local schools in Havana


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