Dedicated to Scientific Discovery

Published on: March 15, 2017

Students in grades 5 and 7 at Linden Christian School participated in the annual Middle Years Science Fair on March 15, 2017. Students were interviewed and judged in the morning and projects and backboards were open for public viewing in the afternoon. Participants that had been researching and conducting experiments over the past few months had the opportunity to share all that they had learned.

Linden Christian School is dedicated to nurturing a safe and caring learning environment that encourages students to explore the world of science. Our Middle Years Science Fair provides a great opportunity for students to be challenged academically, discover and research, and to have respected adults and mentors come alongside them in the roles of teachers and judges.

Guests to the Science Fair had the opportunity to explore the effects of caffeine vs. spicy food, holograms, future farming sustainability, pHantastic science experiments, the science of forging, baking experiments, Cheerio magnets, and more.

Science Fair finalists will be announced at the Celebration Chapel on April 7 and select students will be participating in the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium.

Thank you to our Middle Years teaching staff for motivating and guiding our students throughout the Science Fair process, to our volunteer judges, Mrs. Teresa Gibbons and our parents for their support of this learning opportunity.


  • Effects of caffeine vs. spicy food!
  • Cool project on forging!
  • pHantastic Science!
  • Explaining project to judge during critique stage
  • Our judges did such a great job this morning
  • Thank you judges!
  • Classroom tours interacting with projects
  • Public viewing from 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm


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