Dignity Sale Challenges Staff and Raises Funds for TLC

Published on: May 19, 2015

This year’s Dignity Sale became a major event for Middle School students at Linden Christian School. On Friday, May 15 a series of challenges were completed in the Auditorium by our Middle Years staff in front of cheering Middle School students, for the primary goal of raising funds for the Transitional Learning Classroom.

There was excitement in the air as Mr. Simpson had his legs waxed, Mrs. Schellenberg had her hair styled with Cheese Wiz, and Miss Loewen participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Bugs were eaten, pies were thrown at teachers, make-up was applied blindly to Mr. Gilmour, a snowsuit was worn all day and Mr. Kulik and Mr. Wiebe finished with an amazing Drum-Off for very enthusiastic spectators. Our Middle Years teaching team really rose to the challenge and modelled what it means to be compassionate community members! The Dignity Sale is an annual event to help raise awareness and funds for a local ministry. This year the students chose to direct all funds towards the Transitional Learning Classroom (ministry to Newcomers to Winnipeg). To date, $2,314.00 has been raised by our students towards this important ministry and classroom.

Thank you to our Middle Years staff – they were very good sports and the afternoon was enjoyed by all!


  • Mr. Pullman eats bugs!
  • Cheese Wiz hair styling
  • Mr. Hedlin teaches in a parka all day!
  • Middle Years staff underwent a series of challenges to raise money for the Transitional Learning Classroom at recent Dignity Sale
  • Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Here's hoping the egg is hard boiled
  • Brave Mr. Simpson has his legs waxed for the Dignity Sale


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