Discerning Decision Making Lesson in K-4 Chapel

Published on: November 20, 2014

K-Grade 4 students at Linden Christian School enjoyed an object lesson in discernment and the importance of guarding our hearts and minds against deception at their recent Chapel. Ms. Peters led them through a skit about Tasha placing her trust in Captain Oh, her favorite cereal character. Although Tasha placed her trust in him, Captain Oh didn’t really care about Tasha and he certainly didn’t live up to the promises he made to her. Students were taught to develop a discerning spirit and to recognize God’s voice above all others.

The delightful skit had the students roaring with laughter as they watched their teacher pour cereal and milk into her ear as she heeded the advice of the deceitful Captain Oh. Through fun and drama, the students had one of our school values reinforced (discerning decision-making), with a lesson in knowing God’s Word and listening to His voice above all others!

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