Senior Years Chemistry Teacher Mr. Joel Kulik Honoured by LCS Alumna Katrina Bergmann

Published on: May 4, 2021

LCS Alumna Katrina Bergmann (Class of 2016) was nominated by the Faculty of Science at the U of M as an outstanding student upon her graduation with an honours degree in chemistry. She was asked to recognize two teachers who had a profound impact on her education (one from high school and one from university) at the 29th Annual Students’ Teacher Recognition Reception. She selected LCS Senior Years chemistry teacher Mr. Joel Kulik. He was honoured at the Virtual Celebration of Teaching Excellence event that was held on Tuesday, May 4th.

Katrina thanked Mr. Kulik for his enthusiasm and passion for chemistry education. She expressed appreciation to him for preparing her for university courses, instilling good study habits, and being so enthusiastic about his subject area. Mr. Kulik’s foundational teaching in high school equipped Katrina while in post-secondary chemistry studies and has made a lasting impact on her life.

Next year, Katrina will be starting her PhD in Chemistry at UBC with a scholarship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. She will be working alongside Dr. Zac Hudson, whose research focus is on the design and synthesis of organic and organometallic functional materials for use in optoelectronics.

Congratulations Mr. Kulik and all the best in your studies at UBC, Katrina!

Click here to watch the full virtual event and here to watch Katrina’s message for Mr. Joel Kulik.

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