My Favourite Things…..About Christmas!

Published on: December 18, 2015

Linden Christian School hosted it’s Early Years Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 17th. Guests enjoyed Whatcha Gonna Call That Baby? and Christmas is a Time to Sing! performed by our youngest students. Early Years Music Teacher Mrs. Brenda Johnson led her students through sacred songs, illustrating the story of Jesus’ birth and leaving guests with a sense of God’s love, joy, peace and presence.

Fun songs like Happy Holidays (grade 3 choir) and Funky Snowman (grade 4 choir) brightened the wintery Winnipeg evening and carols were enjoyed together as a congregation. Many thanks to Mrs. Brenda Johnson, accompanist Mrs. Lynelle Thiessen, our grade 6 ushers, property, and sound and tech support for a very festive evening!


  • The story of Jesus' birth
  • Thank you Mrs. Johnson for the beautiful concert!
  • Candy cane cuteness
  • Ribbon dance


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