Resource Team Helps Diverse Learning Community

Published on: October 11, 2017

Linden Christian School is dedicated to teamwork. Our resource staff work together to best support our diverse learning community and to help create a safe and caring learning environment that focuses on the whole person.  

With a commitment to excellence, each resource staff member supports classroom teachers and students in a variety of areas. Our resource teachers provide resources to classroom teachers to assist them in differentiating their instruction and assessment practices. They also work with students in small group and individual settings, providing various programming such as reading or math intervention. They work alongside teachers in developing students’ social skills and help to support emotional development. In the older grades, the resource teacher may also assist in teaching and supporting organizational and study skills. In addition, we are pleased to have an English as an Additional Language (EAL) program that helps students experience success as they learn a new language and navigate a new culture and location.

Our resource team is led by Mrs. Heather Karr, who is the Resource Coordinator as well as the Early Years Resource teacher. Mrs. Lois Wiebe is our Reading Support Teacher who works in the Early Years program, specifically providing reading support to classrooms. Mrs. Jennifer Schraml is our Middle Years Resource Teacher and Mrs. Chantelle Byrnes supports the Senior Years as their Resource teacher. Also in our Senior Years program, we welcomed Mrs. Kathy Heppner this school year. She is working closely with Senior Years teachers as a Curriculum Support Teacher and will work alongside teachers to equip and support them with teaching strategies and methods that will support all learners in the class. Mrs. Evelyn Davison is the EAL Teacher who supports our EAL students K-12.  

We are so thankful for our resource team and their commitment to our diverse learning community at Linden Christian School!

Left to right and top to bottom: Mrs. Kathy Heppner (SY), Mrs. Lois Wiebe (EY), Mrs. Evelyn Davison (EAL), Mrs. Chantelle Byrnes (SY), Mrs. Jennifer Schraml (MY), and Mrs. Heather Karr (EY).

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