Star Wars Theme for 2016 Spelling Bee

Published on: February 4, 2016

Middle Years students enjoyed a Star Wars themed Spelling Bee in the Auditorium on Wednesday, February 3. Enthusiastic students cheered on classmates who had been chosen as finalists from each grade 5-8 classroom. Spell Wars РThe Spelling Awakens included photoclips, costumes, videos, commentating and dramatic exits for eliminated students. Each contestant was given the task to outspell Darth Smader in an effort to save the galaxy!

Dwindling spelling skills had caused a breakdown in communication for the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance, with each spelling mistake giving power to the dark side! In an attempt to stop Darth Smader, the Jedi Council called together 24 of the most gifted young Jedi Padawans from all corners of the galaxy. Together they discovered that the only way to defeat Darth Smader was to perfect their spelling skills. Unfortunately, the Sith Master had plans to annihilate the entire Jedi order. Their only hope was to outspell Darth Smader!

Contestants battled throughout the afternoon and when defeated through a misspelled word, Darth Smader gained power and the contestants were dragged offstage by stormtroopers. Nikki G. from 7Z battled alongside Nicholas M. (last year’s Spelling Bee Champion) in the final minutes of the competition and thankfully was able to outspell the dark side! Congratulations to Nikki for her success and many thanks to our hard working Middle Years team and technical support for producing another very fun and challenging Spelling Bee!


  • Last year's Champion faces Darth Smader!
  • Emma misspells a word!
  • Dragged offstage by stormtroopers!
  • Thank you Middle Years team!
  • Spell Wars contestants
  • Defeated by Darth Smader
  • Nikki faces off with Darth Smader in dramatic finale


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