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Student Life

The Arts

There are many opportunities to participate in the Arts at LCS. From Performing Arts, Visual Arts to Drama, Linden has a multitude of options to explore your creativity.

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Linden’s athletic program allows students to explore individual and team sports outside of regular physical education classes. Here students can develop their athletics skills, as well as leadership, sportsmanship and resilience.

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The Grant Café is available during the school days for MY and SY students to purchase lunch, snacks and beverages.

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With many options for co-curriculars, LCS students can find activities to fit their interests, learn new skills and build relationships with peers.

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Student Outreach and Community Service

One of Linden’s core values is to equip students to serve in the local and global community. Teachers, staff and students work together to find outreach activities that honour our vision, impact lives and teach our students to look beyond themselves.

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Student Leadership

At LCS, students are encouraged to lead and use their gifts to serve while being focused on the growth and well-being of the people and communities to which they belong.

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