The Story of Jonah in Song

Published on: June 20, 2016

Guests enjoyed the Early Years production of Go, Go Jonah on Thursday, June 17th. All of our students in grades 1 through 4 were involved in the energetic musical that led guests through the Jonah narrative. Kindergarten and grade one students also performed The Fruit of the Spirit, The 3 Bears Rap, The Kindergarten Song, God’s Creation and This Little Light of Mine for enthusiastic family members and attending guests.

The fast-paced musical with accompanying modern story had a strong spiritual focus that reminded guests of the great commission and God’s amazing grace. Thank you to our Early Years music teachers Mrs. Brenda Johnson (K-4) and Ms. Janna Banman (KB), to our Early Years teaching staff, supportive parents and families, accompanist Mrs. Lynelle Thiessen, and our tech team Mr. Jared Esser and Mr. Craig Johnson.


  • Jonah knows that he is responsible for the storm.
  • Dress Rehearsal with Early Years Music teacher.
  • Early Years production of Go, Go Jonah!
  • Thank you for all of your work Mrs. Johnson!
  • Jonah boards for Tarshish
  • Our actors presented so well!
  • Cleans himself off and heads to Nineveh!
  • Calls for repentance.
  • The King calls on his people to stop their evil ways.
  • "Go Ye, Therefore"


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