X-Men Save Lindenopolis at Middle Years Spelling Bee

Published on: February 12, 2019

Each year our Middle Years students take part in an interactive Spelling Bee. This year every classroom in grade 5-8 sent two of their top spellers to the Superhero themed competition. Complete with costumes, sound effects, stunts, and audio and visual highlights, this year’s battle featured X-Men vs. the villain Otto Korekt. Their mission was to save Lindenopolis from their dependence on technology and the evil clutches of Otto Korekt’s robots.

Congratulations to George E. from 8U, our 2019 Spelling Bee champion! Thank you to our Middle Years committee for their creativity and the hours spent planning the fun event.


  • X-Men / The Red Pens of Justice
  • X-Men battled the villain Otto Korekt to save Lindenopolis
  • Our Superhero Champion George Mangoes!
  • Spelling words correctly helped save Lindenopolis!
  • Fighting to save us from our dependence on technology
  • "That is incorrect"
  • The Superhero Spell Check
  • The 2019 Spelling Bee Champion



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