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Help Us Close the Gap / HVAC Renewal

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Help Us Close the Gap / HVAC Renewal

The HVAC units at LCS were installed in 1997 and have outlived their expected lifespans. We are in need of a $750,000 upgrade to mitigate the risks of HVAC failure and ensure reliable heating and ventilation for years to come. Our current HVAC capital project is crucial to avoid disruptions in the school’s daily operations while maintaining a positive learning environment.

Benefits of the HVAC renewal include:

-greater energy efficiency

-meeting current environmental standards

-improved indoor air quality

-better control over temperature and humidity levels

-mitigating risk of school closures due to failure of current units 

Funds given or pledged now will greatly support the upgrading our HVAC system. With $400,000 in capital funds available for this project, our goal is to raise the remaining $350,000.                        

The HVACs are not as visible as many of our upgrades, but they are very important for our ability to operate – we need reliable heating and ventilation! Join us today – click here to give now – all gifts make a difference.