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Senior Years (9-12)

A Message from the Senior Years Vice Principal

LCS high school years allow students to explore their gifts and abilities, establish lifelong friendships and grow in what it means to be a fully devoted Christ-follower.

We encourage students to ask tough questions and provide a safe and caring place where students can learn and grow academically and spiritually. We invite students to make the most of their high school years at Linden – to work hard to maximize their learning, to treat others with kindness and gentleness as they establish healthy friendships based on trust, and to seek God with hearts that are open to where He wants to take them.

Andrew Fast, Senior Years Vice Principal

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Athletic teams in Grades 9-12

Academic Program

The Senior Years program provides an exceptional variety of learning experiences designed to meet the needs of students, develop their abilities and prepare students to be our future leaders. We promote a high standard of academic performance based on the characteristics and potential of each individual student. Progress is shaped by the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills and by the application of strategic and analytical thinking. We encourage an atmosphere of free inquiry and open discussion, believing that investigation of ideas contributes to the process of discerning truth.

Grade 9 to 12 students are offered an academic program that includes more than 90 different courses A balanced program is delivered through academic, physical, arts, leadership and service options, designed to meet the needs of individual students and their post-secondary aspirations.

Performing and Fine Arts

With options in band, choral music, jazz band, vocal jazz and much more, the LCS Performing Arts program is recognized provincially and nationally for an exceptionally high performance standard. LCS concerts, chapels and performances provide students the opportunity to display the excellence that characterizes education at Linden Christian School. Drama and Visual Arts are other opportunities for our students to use their creative talents.


Linden Christian School is the home of the Wings. Our teams strive for excellence and serve as ambassadors for Christ on and off the field or court. At LCS, our Athletics Program is grounded in four key principles that are meaningful in sports and in life – work hard; play as a team; strive for excellence; and serve as ambassadors for Christ.

Student-athletes develop skills of leadership, sportsmanship and resilience. As our students move to Senior Years, they have the opportunity to play on many teams in a competitive and supportive atmosphere.

We also offer Basketball, Volleyball and Fitness Academies in Grades 11 and 12, providing students an opportunity to focus on building skills in a particular sport.

Co-curricular Activities

Linden offers many co-curricular activities in Senior Years to address the differing interests of our students. There are co-curricular options in the arts, clubs, school leadership, service, bible studies, intramural and team sports and recreational activities. Through these activities students develop skills, creativity and leadership while building community.


Our counselling service promotes and enhances student learning through personal and social development, by providing direction and advice relating to decisions or actions. A school counsellor provides biblical counsel, prayer and guidance, giving students the opportunity to explore feelings, build social skills, examine information, and consider options for solving problems and making decisions. Whenever possible and appropriate, the counsellor makes referrals with the knowledge and consent of students and parents. In the best interest of the student, the counsellor may collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents, and other professionals. All services are confidential and offered in the spirit of care, respect and faith.

Student Support

We support learners of all styles, including those who need assistance in meeting the outcomes outlined by the curriculum. We offer support in setting goals and working toward them; assistance with study skills, time management, and organization; support in individual subject areas; and assessments to determine areas of strength and areas of need. The services of a school psychologist and reading clinician are also available along with English as an Additional Language (EAL) services.

Spiritual Development

Senior Years are a time of growth and change. Students begin to make their own decisions about how to be adults in the world. Our caring teaching staff, Student Support Services and Spiritual Care team are here to provide guidance while accepting and encouraging students as independent individuals.

Students attend Bible class and scriptural truth is integrated into the curriculum. There are also opportunities for students to join study and prayer groups. Scripture memorization takes place from K-12. Our Senior Years students also experience spiritual growth by serving as mentors to one another and by providing leadership to younger students.


Prayer is an essential and powerful part of everyday life at LCS. Students and teachers pray together and for each other and the needs of the world.


Senior Years students come together once a week for a time to worship and pray together. During weekly chapels, there are numerous opportunities for students to lead and participate. As well, with visiting speakers, LCS Senior Years students are challenged to learn more about the world around them and the experiences of others.

Outreach and Community Service

All LCS students participate in outreach and community service. We want to work with families to equip our students to be compassionate and serve in the world around them. As well, each year, Grade 11 and 12 students may apply to participate in a cross-cultural mission trip to Guatemala.

Course Descriptions – Senior Years

We offer over 90 courses for our Senior Years students to choose from. Full descriptions of courses offered to Grade 9 to 12 students at Linden Christian can be found here.

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