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Visual Arts Program

Creative freedom within a supportive academic environment

Through sculpture, sketching, painting, ceramics and other mediums, students are inspired to express themselves within the framework of formal instruction. We promote a high standard of artistic achievement while recognizing that art can be an illustration of one’s values, ideas, and motivations. Celebrating student achievements and guiding the students in good stewardship of their God-given creativity are objectives of the Visual Arts Department.

Linden Christian School offers an exciting visual arts program with strong education in the classroom in Early Years, instruction in Middle Years as a class course, and as an elective choice in our Senior Years. 

Linden Christian School visual art students are given the opportunity to:

  • develop the habits of a growing artist
  • engage in purposeful progress through creative process
  • explore a wide variety of art mediums, allowing for their God-given creativity to shine
  • develop an understanding of the language surrounding art techniques, mediums, styles, and art history
  • establish formal skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic media and other art mediums
  • cultivate pride in their accomplishments
  • reflect on and construct meaning in response to their own and others’ visual art
  • gain respect for artistic expression