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Parent Committees

Parent committees play a vital role in supporting Linden Christian School, the students and our families.

Parents in Prayer (PIP)

Parents in Prayer (PIP) is a team with a heart and passion to pray for the LCS community. The Bible mentions several times that Jesus prayed. He often rose early in the morning to pray because prayer was a priority and kept him in tune with his heavenly Father.

The purpose of Parents in Prayer is to pray with complete confidentiality for the spiritual needs of the Linden Christian School community. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, the team prays for all the staff of LCS, including the administration, teachers, support staff, as well as the various LCS committees and events, the Board of Directors, the students and their families.

The Parents in Prayer team meets weekly on Friday mornings at 8:30 am in the Prayer Chapel (beside the Grant Café). Anyone with a heart for prayer is welcome to attend. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Performing Arts Parent Association (PAPA)

The Performing Arts Parent Association (PAPA) is a parent committee that works directly with the Performing Arts Instructors at Linden Christian School to ensure that the continued growth and success of the Performing Arts Department is maintained. 

The Performing Arts Parent Association will provide support and organization to fundraising efforts and special events relating to Linden Christian School’s Performing Arts Program. Teachers and families of Performing Arts’ students benefit greatly from the work of this Committee.

The Performing Arts Parent Association (PAPA) supports Linden Christian School’s various music ensembles and members of this committee are invited to be involved in numerous ways:

  • Through involvement in the Organizing Committee
  • Ordering, sizing and distribution of uniforms
  • Planning fundraisers (specific monthly projects that help offset the cost of band and choir trips)
  • Organization of annual Jazz Café 

As parents/guardians, please consider your strengths and interests and how you could become involved. If you have any interest in being a part of the PAPA leadership team or helping on a casual basis, please contact Kim Neufeld at [email protected].

Staff Appreciation Committee

Each year the Staff Appreciation Committee hosts “Staff Appreciation Days” for the Linden Christian School staff members as a way to say thank you for their dedication and work with our children.

It takes a great group of volunteers to support this endeavour. The committee is always looking for additional committee members and parent or grandparent volunteers that would be able to assist with this event. 

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Ingrid Marr at [email protected] and she will pass your name along.

Scholarship Committee

In 2023 a parent-led Scholarship Committee has been formed to:

  • inform students of the variety of available post secondary scholarships;
  • support and encourage students to apply for post secondary scholarships;
  • make the scholarship search process more accessible;
  • provide support to SY students through the application process.