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Student Leadership

LCS students are encouraged to lead and use their gifts to serve.

Leadership opportunities exist through chapel teams, discipleships groups, student council (STUCO) and student committees. Students are also encouraged to lead as they are challenged in the classroom and on the court, through service opportunities and on student retreats.


The Student Council members (STUCO) for 2023-2024 are listed below:

Sam B. – Co-President

Tomas B. – Co-President

Osa A. – Grade 12 Rep

Sam A. – Grade 12 Rep

Daniel F. – Grade 12 Rep

Koyin A. – Grade 11 Rep

Arianna B. – Grade 11 Rep

RJ D. – Grade 11 Rep

Opemipo O. – Grade 11 Rep

Marco B. – Grade 10 Rep

Sarah F. – Grade 10 Rep

Cade F. – Grade 10 Rep

Hugh M. – Grade 9 Rep

Roman P. – Grade 9 Rep