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Performing Arts

A Rich Tradition of Musical Excellence

Linden Christian School offers a comprehensive performing arts program including strong education in band, choir and jazz. As per Manitoba Education, band, choir and jazz are all full credit courses. While our ensembles excel, they are not exclusive. There are no auditions for band or choir and all students are eligible to participate. LCS has a tradition of musical excellence. Linden Christian School’s Grade 9-12 bands and choirs participate in regular festivals where they consistently receive the highest accolades for both their performance and character. Many LCS alumni have gone forward to pursue successful careers in the Performing Arts.

Performing Arts Director / Mrs. Kim Neufeld

We believe that students should be encouraged to appreciate and nurture their God-given gifts and talents. We strive to provide a safe, respectful, and supportive environment as students learn to express themselves through the arts.
Our students are given the opportunity to:

  • develop specific skills required for each Performing Arts course
  • develop an understanding of the language and structure of a specific genre
  • expand their interests and talents within the Performing Arts
  • perform in public
  • develop self-discipline and pride in their accomplishments
  • enhance their ability to work in a team


Early Years Musical Development

We have a strong Early Years music program at Linden Christian School and are committed to providing creative musical experiences for every child. Through the Orff process, the students enjoy singing, movement, instrumental playing and listening activities. All of our children play the barred instruments and non-pitched percussion from Kindergarten through Grade 4. Recorder, which is introduced in Grade 3 and continues until Grade 5, is an invaluable instrument that helps develop musical literacy and ensemble skills in preparation for playing a Band instrument in Grade 6.


Linden Christian School offers an excellent choir program. Our choirs are not exclusive and all Grade 5-8 students have choir as a regular part of their timetable. All students in Grade 9-12 may take choir as a full credit option and those who wish to pursue it further may audition for our Vocal Ensemble or Vocal Jazz. Vocal jazz becomes a full credit option for students taking choir in Grades 11-12. Vocal Ensemble is a full credit option for students taking choir in Grades 9-10.

Band & Jazz

Linden Christian School celebrates a tradition of musical excellence and allows students to flourish in concert and jazz band opportunities. Our band programs are not exclusive and all Grade 6-8 students have band as a regular part of their timetable. All students in Grade 9-12 may take band as a full credit option. Jazz band becomes an option for students beginning in Grade 7 and becomes a full credit option for students taking band in Grades 9-12.


For students looking to develop their verbal and non-verbal expression of ideas, Linden Christian School offers drama as a full credit course to students from grades 9 through 12. The overall focus of these courses involves studying the foundations of drama: team-building, relaxation, concentration/observation, movement, imagination, emotion, mime, improvisation, characterization and scripted material. As students progress through the four year program, they develop the resources needed to eventually direct their peers and write their own material.