Linden Christian School provides outstanding educational experiences for over 900 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Linden follows the Manitoba Provincial Curriculum and is committed to a standard of excellence in every discipline of study. The LCS purpose is reflected in our Mission, Vision and Core Values. The school leadership uses these concepts to make decisions that allow us to provide high quality Christ-centered education.

Early Years, K-Grade 4

The Early Years ( Kindergarten to Grade 4 ) of a child’s school life should be filled with wonder, curiosity and possibility! This is an exciting time in development and learning for your child. We want to partner with families to build and develop a child’s understanding of Christ’s love in this world. Our enthusiastic teachers at Linden Christian School will work towards developing the whole child through building the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual development of each student. Chapel experiences, projects that teach our students to give and care for others, and an emphasis on developing gifts and talents in the areas of art, music and athleticism will all begin in the Early Years at Linden Christian School. When you entrust your child into our care, you will have a strong sense of connection to the school community, as parents are a vital part of this thriving school! We have a powerful culture of partnership between home and the school and that relationship will be nurtured as your child enters their first years at Linden Christian School.

~ Heather Karr, Early Years Vice Principal

Academic Program
Early Years students are taught more than the Manitoba curriculum. Our teachers integrate a biblical worldview by weaving scriptural truths into the teaching of all subject areas. The learning environment encourages exceptional academic performance as we set high, but achievable, expectations.

All Kindergarten to Grade 4 students receive French language instruction. The program is taught using the Accelerated Integration Method (AIM), which uses hand actions to reinforce the spoken language. Drama, song, and movement reinforce the themes of the curriculum.  Through the use of these activities, students are quick to learn a wide range of French vocabulary and have fun while doing it!

Our trained music teachers work with the Orff method of music education, in which children learn music by experiencing and participating in a rich variety of musical lessons and activities. The Orff-based program focuses on: singing, movement, speech, instruments, listening, and the study of composers. Students experience music in dynamic ways in the classroom, and have performance opportunities at Christmas and Spring concerts, the Winnipeg Music Festival and at school chapels.

Student Support
Many of the intervention programs at LCS take place in the Early Years where the emphasis is on developing basic reading and writing skills. Students who require additional reading support are given one-on-one or small group instruction based on the latest teaching techniques. Specialized extra support is also available to students who require extra help in math.

Library and Technology
Library. The library is a place of adventure and learning for our Early Years students. Students may find that the library has been transformed into an Egyptian tomb or a medieval castle where books provide entrance to realms of new knowledge and enjoyment. The library staff may be dressed as doctors to address the need to care for books, or you might find them dressed up as their favourite book character to promote I Love to Read month.

Technology. ICT concepts are learned and used practically in each curriculum area. We follow Manitoba guidelines in a program called Literacy with Information Communication Technology (LwICT), while also teaching students to use ICT responsibly and ethically, to support critical and creative thinking about information, and to think about communication as citizens of the global community.

Extra-curricular Activities
The Early Years program provides an exciting and creative variety of extra-curricular activities, including intramural sports and drama. Students have fun while building social skills, and learning through active, structured play.

Middle Years, Grades 5-8

Thank you for visiting our school website and for your interest in Linden Christian School. With a commitment to excellence, Linden Christian School provides a Christ-centred education that equips students to love and serve God in a caring environment. As students journey toward adulthood, we are committed to providing students with nurturing learning experiences that address their needs in the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual domains.

~ Jeff Thiessen, Middle Years Vice Principal

Academic Program
The LCS Middle Years program of study uses the full Manitoba school curriculum with the added thread of a biblical worldview woven across all subject areas. Students experience an integrated approach to learning curriculum while living out spiritual values in the world around them.

The Middle Years music program builds upon the solid foundation of the Early Years. Grade 5 students receive 135 minutes per cycle of Orff-based music training and 30 minutes of choir per cycle. The Grade 6–8 music program is a mandatory combination of band and choir. Students receive 210 minutes of music per cycle including theory and ear training.

Student Support
Our goal is to help all students develop the tools they need to be successful at school. Sometimes, that requires extra support, guidance and attention. In addition to providing support in individual subject areas, we also assist students in developing better study habits and organization skills. Education Assistants are available to provide one-on-one or small group support. English as an Additional Language (EAL) services are also available.

Library and Technology
The library provides high-quality resources and creative programming, encouraging students to read for enjoyment and enrichment. The library staff collaborates with classroom teachers to help develop the literacy skills of our students and teach them to find, evaluate, and ethically and creatively use information.
We teach technology in the Middle Years to introduce students to up-to-date tools. We follow provincial guidelines as laid out in a program called Literacy with Information and Communication Technology (LwICT), while also teaching students to use ICT responsibly and ethically, to support critical and creative thinking about information, and to think about communication as citizens of the global community.

Extra-curricular Activities
Linden Christian School offers a wide variety of enrichment activities within the classroom as directed by teachers in the Middle Years program. Enrichment opportunities work hand in hand with the academic curriculum and foster skill development, team building, commitment, responsibility, follow through, and character development.

Outside of the classroom, a variety of clubs encourage students to explore new interests and grow their abilities. Middle Years students can become part of board game clubs, prayer groups, craft clubs, intramural sports, running clubs and more.

Senior Years, Grades 9-12

Linden Christian School provides the opportunity for parents, teachers and students to work toward a common goal: to love and serve God. The high school years allow students to explore their gifts and abilities, establish lifelong friendships and grow in what it means to be a fully devoted Christ-follower.

We encourage students to ask tough questions, and provide a safe and caring place in which students can learn and grow academically and spiritually. We invite students to make the most of their high school years at Linden – to work hard to maximize their learning, to treat others with kindness and gentleness as they establish healthy friendships based on trust, and to seek God with hearts that are open to where He wants to take them.

~ Andrew Fast, Senior Years Vice Principal

Academic Program
The Senior Years program provides an exceptional variety of learning experiences designed to meet the needs of students, to develop their abilities, and to prepare students for a complex future. We promote a high standard of academic performance based on the characteristics and potential of each individual student. Progress is shaped by the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills, and by the application of strategic thinking. We encourage an atmosphere of free inquiry and open discussion, believing that investigation of ideas contributes to the process of discerning truth.

Music and Dramatic Arts
LCS choirs and bands are recognized for an exceptionally high performance standard. Our Senior Years bands are regularly invited to National competitions based on their performances at the Optimist Band Festival. Our choral groups have earned many awards in Canada and United States and have been invited to compete at the National level. LCS concerts and invited performances provide opportunities to publicly display the excellence that characterizes education at Linden Christian School. Opportunities also exist for performing in chapels, special events and full stage musicals. Every second year Linden Christian School performs a major musical production. In the intervening years, the concert band and choir go on an extensive tour.

Student Support
We support learners of all styles, including those who need assistance in meeting the outcomes outlined by the curriculum. We offer support in setting goals and working toward them; assistance with study skills, time management, and organization; support in individual subject areas; and assessments to determine areas of strength and areas of need. The services of a school psychologist and reading clinician are also available along with English as an Additional Language (EAL) services.

Our counselling service promotes and enhances student learning through personal and social development, by providing direction and advice relating to decisions or actions. A school counsellor provides biblical counsel, prayer, and guidance, giving students the opportunity to explore feelings, build social skills, examine information, and consider options for solving problems and making decisions. Whenever possible and appropriate, the counsellor makes referrals with the knowledge and consent of students and parents. In the best interest of the students, the counsellor may collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents, and other professionals. All services are confidential and offered in the spirit of care, respect and faith.

Library & Technology
Library. Linden Christian School library is a center of learning and literacy. Our school library provides print and electronic resources. The collection is developed to support the curriculum with an emphasis on a biblical worldview. The library staff works in partnership with teachers to instruct students to ethically and efficiently acquire, evaluate, and communicate ideas and knowledge.

Technology. At every age, we teach students to use technology responsibly and ethically, to support critical and creative thinking about information, and to think about communication as citizens of the global community. The LCS computer courses for Senior Years students address the following topics:

  • programming
  • Internet etiquette and safety
  • stop-motion animation
  • blogging
  • working with wikis
  • website design including HTML and CSS
  • the responsible use of computer tools for communicating and transmitting ideas

Extra-curricular Activities
Extra-curricular activities work hand in hand with the curriculum and allow learning opportunities that foster skill development, team building, commitment, responsibility, follow-through, and character development.

Clubs. Board Game Club, prayer groups, Outdoor Activity Club, Intramurals, Running Club, Yearbook Committee, Graduation Committee, Song Writer’s Café.

Outreach and Missions Trips. Students have been involved in global outreach programs including Operation Christmas Child, World Vision and Day of Service in Winnipeg’s inner city; and have had the opportunity to be a part of a missions trip to Guatemala.

Student Council. Every year an elected Student Council organizes events that demonstrate active contribution to the spirit and life of the school, and assists in planning and organizing activities with the support of school faculty and administration. These students learn valuable leadership skills and work together to enhance the total LCS experience for all students.

Course Descriptions, Senior Years

Full descriptions of courses offered to Senior Years students at Linden Christian can be found here. Our LCS Career Corner guides students and parents through choices of electives, giving consideration to post secondary implications, goals and personal interest. Math and science prerequisites, graduation credit requirements, information on scholarships, and listings of Universities, Colleges, Bible Colleges and Institutions are also available to help families work together to make wise choices for the future.

Career Counselling

At Linden Christian School, we work with families to provide a solid, Christian, values-based foundation for our students – lessons and messages that help shape meaningful lives.

Through our in-school Career Counsellor, our students can gather information on universities and colleges, learn how to build an effective resumé, develop career literacy, and more.

We also help our graduating students to map out their future education and career choices by offering access to resources and expertise. For more information on post secondary options and other career related sites, please click on the following link: LCS Career Corner. For any other inquiries, contact our Career Counsellor, Mrs. Cindy Bogusky.