LCS-img_067Linden Christian School is a dynamic independent school inspired by faith, motivated by excellence and anchored by meaningful relationships. Our exceptional teaching staff boasts a rich variety of talents, skills and interests. With their guidance, Linden students grow to be insightful thinkers and discerning decision makers. We give them the tools, knowledge and opportunities to succeed; we expose them to extracurricular options so that they can develop new skills; we provide expert instruction and a lively, caring community.

We also seek to impart the values that will serve as a foundation for a purposeful, meaningful life – helping students grow to be devoted followers of Christ and compassionate community members.

Linden can help you achieve all that you want for the education of your children.

  • We deliver the provincial curriculum and so much more as students are motivated to explore and excel in the classroom. We are a young school, but our graduates are already doing exceptional things in their careers.
  • Our walls are full of banners and pennants that represent the success we’ve enjoyed in athletics. Through sports, we build character and community. We also build champions.
  • We help our students discover and nurture their artistic talents. LCS choirs and bands are recognized for an exceptionally high performance standard. Our music students compete successfully and perform frequently as their skills grow.
  • Our students look beyond themselves. Through chapel and community service, our students embrace biblical truth and seek to make this a better world. Whether the Linden family is collecting for a shoe box, gathering warm clothing for those less fortunate, or providing clean water overseas we seek to show the love of God and serve Christ.
  • We have a remarkable facility, a strong church relationship, an increasingly dynamic alumni body.

We’re thankful for all that God has provided, and seek to partner with parents in providing the best education possible for our students. To learn more, contact the Registrar.


As Principal and CEO of Linden Christian School, I am blessed to work with dynamic faculty and staff committed to providing students with a well-rounded, Christ-centered education. When I walk the halls of our facility and meet students, I see undeniable evidence that we are achieving academic excellence, celebrating creativity, and fulfilling our mission of equipping students to love and serve God.

With the support of an active and engaged parent community, we strive for excellence in everything we do at LCS. Our students consistently score well above the median on provincial exams. Our sports teams win championships and promote leadership. Our artists create beauty.

Central to our calling is a commitment to develop students with a strong Christian worldview. We long to shape students’ lives so that they graduate from LCS strong in their faith, eager to make a difference for Christ, and prepared to serve.

LCS, one of the largest Christian schools in western Canada, has developed into a city-wide ministry representative of 100 churches. We are grateful to be a part of this community, and are thankful for the enthusiastic support and leadership of Grant Memorial Church. ~ Robert Charach, Principal and CEO of Linden Christian School


Linden Christian School Administrators:  Lorraine Kehler, Vice Principal – Early Years; Jeff Thiessen, Vice Principal – Middle Years; Robert Charach, Principal and CEO; Andrew Fast, Vice Principal – Senior Years

Mission, Vision, Values

Let your roots grow down into him and draw up nourishment from him. See that you go on growing in the Lord, and become strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught (Colossians 2:7).


Linden Christian School provides a God-honouring educational experience for over 900 students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. LCS strives for excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. LCS faculty and staff comprise over 100 dedicated men and women who serve God as passionate Christian educators inspired and guided by the LCS mission, values and vision statement.

With a commitment to excellence, Linden Christian School provides a Christ-centred education that equips students to love and serve God.

Linden Christian School is a biblically-based learning community where all students grow to be devoted followers of Christ, insightful thinkers, discerning decision-makers, and compassionate community members.

Core Values

At Linden Christian School we value:

  • a Christ-centered education based on a biblical world view;
  • a commitment to excellence and the development of Godly character;
  • a safe, caring, learning environment that focuses on the whole person;
  • equipping students to serve in the local and global community.



Linden Christian School was founded in 1987 as a ministry of Grant Memorial Baptist Church. It started with 33 students and three teachers, one of which was the founding principal Phyllis Cook.

By 1992 enrollment had reached 250 students and Grades 7 and 8 were added to the school. LCS welcomed its first high school class in 1994. Grade 10 was added in 1997, Grade 11 in 1998 and Grade 12 in 1999. The first high school graduation was celebrated in 2000.

September 2010 saw the opening of the Transitional Learning Classroom (TLC), at a downtown location. The TLC provided a unique learning setting for children who are newcomers to Canada. Students in Grades 1 through 5 learned the English language and Canadian culture within the Manitoba curriculum. This vibrant classroom was operational for 7 years.

With a growing student population came the need for additional space. Over the years, Linden Christian School has undergone many expansions to add classrooms, a gym, and new band, choir and art facilities. Students at LCS also enjoy enhanced library and study space and a new, state of the art audio visual room.

What has remained unchanged over the years is the commitment of all staff to provide an excellent Christ-centered education that equips students to love and serve God. LCS now has over 900 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The same emphasis on spiritual growth and relationship – with God, people and community – that Linden was founded on continues to provide for the development of the whole child.




Linden Christian School (LCS) is an incorporated non-profit charitable organization that operates independently as an affiliated ministry of Grant Memorial Baptist Church (GMBC).

The Linden Christian School Board is affirmed annually by the GMBC Board of Deacons. The LCS School Board is responsible for approving the plans, budgets and policies of the school and ensuring their effective implementation by the school administration.

The Principal is the Chief Executive Officer of the school and is responsible for the formation and implementation of the school’s administrative policy as well as the implementation of all of the educational programs, staffing and the day to day operations of the school. The Principal and CEO reports directly to the Linden Christian School Board. He is also part of the Joint Leadership Team that manages all components of the organization that includes Linden Christian School, Grant Memorial Baptist Church and the Lindenholm Seniors Complex. These senior officers prepare the annual plans, budgets and policies guided by the mandate approved by the GMBC Board of Deacons and within the governance policies set by the Linden Christian School Board.


Before and After School Care

Linden Christian School offers a Before and After School Care (BASC) program to accommodate the working hours of parents. The BASC program features:

  • A friendly and comfortable atmosphere for students
  • A variety of learning centres
  • A quiet study and homework area
  • Gym time
  • Outside play (weather permitting)

Our BASC program is staffed by people who enjoy working with children and who value making the children’s time in the program comfortable, safe and enjoyable. All staff members at Linden Christian School have been trained in Plan to Protect and have been cleared on the Child Abuse Registry and/or a Criminal Records Check.

BASC Program

The BASC Program operates from 7:30 to 8:20 a.m. and from 3:20 to 5:30 p.m. Current fees (for 1 minute to 60 minutes attendance):

  • Morning: Flat rate of $4
  • Afternoon Hourly rate: 3:15 – 4:30 p.m. = $4
  • Afternoon Hourly rate: 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. = $4
  • Late surcharge (for pick-up after 5:30 p.m.) is .75 per minute late, per student

The BASC program is not available during school holidays (Christmas, Spring Break and Summer vacation). The BASC program is also unavailable on statutory holidays and in service days when the school is closed.

BASC Handbook 2018-2019

Contact BASC Program Supervisor.


School of Fine Arts

“Praise his name with dancing; play drums and harps in praise of him” (Psalm 149:3).


The School of Fine Arts (SOFA) offers expert instruction by gifted, Christian educators. Our goal is to provide excellent and personalized IMG_3556 webeducation, allowing students to grow their unique gifts. Our teachers are experienced and caring Christian instructors who provide a safe and stimulating environment for their students. SOFA instruction is available to all Winnipeggers, not just current LCS students. SOFA’s mandate is to provide:

  • Training in a variety of art forms reflecting high standards of artistic excellence
  • A Christian perspective on the role and functional usage of the art form in the life of the student
  • Opportunities for the student to use his or her skills in local ministry



IMG_5989webClick below to read detailed Biographies and Credentials for each SOFA Instructor, download requests to register and group registration packages:

Instructor Bios, 2018-2019

Private Lessons Registration Request Form 2018-2019

Art Class Registration Forms 2018-2019

Intro to Musical Theatre Registration Forms 2018-2019

Musical Theatre Registration Forms 2018-2019

Register! Contact the School of Fine Arts.

Solfeggietto, November 26, 2018

Solfeggietto, May 31, 2018


Private Music Lessons

Courses Offered: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Voice & Piano Combo, Flute, Theory, Violin, Cello, Viola, harmony, history and pedagogy, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, euphonium, french horn, tuba, trombone and percussion.

IMG_0231webUnder the guidance of qualified Christian instructors, students receive private lessons that allow them to develop their musical skills, and to use those skills in a variety of ministry settings. Lessons are customized to meet each student’s individual needs.

Private music lessons are typically held once a week and are offered throughout the school day, before school, after school, and in the evening. Lessons are usually 30 minutes, but longer lessons can be arranged to meet grade or level requirements.

  • Students may prepare for Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada exams
  • Students may participate in the Winnipeg Music Festival Competition
  • Students are encouraged and motivated by the many performance and ministry opportunities we provide: retirement home visits, the LCS Christmas Tea, the annual Musicathon, LCS chapels, and recitals in December and June

SOFA students at Linden Christian School have the opportunity to take private music lessons in the disciplines of piano, flute, violin, voice, voice & piano combo, guitar, cello, theory, harmony, history and pedagogy, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, euphonium, french horn, tuba, trombone and percussion.

SOFA also offers group lessons (Art and Introduction to Musical Theatre). Register for private lessons at any time throughout the year by contacting our Administrator of the School of Fine Arts Rita Zurzolo at



The LCS Band department and the School of Fine Arts have introduced the Band Student Mentor Program for the 2018-2019 school year. SOFA is now providing private instruction in clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, cello and other instruments upon request. Instruction is offered by Grade 12 band students recommended by LCS Band Department Head Mrs. Bobbie Fast. Lessons take place in the practice rooms located in the band room before, during or after school. For students looking for extra support on their instrument or are switching to a new instrument and just need a few lessons to catch up, this is an accessible and efficient solution. To register email We have openings now and in January!


Group Lessons

ART CLASS / TUESDAYS / INSTRUCTOR MARYBETH DIRKS / $399.00 (includes supplies) / GRADES 1-8 / 24 weeks / 3:45 pm – 5:00 pm / STARTS SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 *

*All classes subject to minimum enrollment

ART CLASS – Using visual literacy skills, SOFA art students will study famous artists from history and be inspired to create their own work in those styles! Students will get to explore a large variety of media including drawing, painting, clay, felt work, collage, oil pastel and block printing. Building on foundational skills from previous art experiences and exposure, students will grow and gain experience with new mediums while paying homage to the past.


*All classes subject to minimum enrollment

This is a beginner’s course in communicating on stage through songs, poems, dialogue, gesture and staging. Fun and creativity with movement and music: warm-ups for the voice and body, Improv games, and Theatre games will be enjoyed. Young students will build confidence as performers through team-work. The class will present a short, mini-musical at the end of the course. Margot Sim is the voice teacher at LCS SOFA. She has worked as a professional singer-actor and adjudicates Speech Arts and Musical Theatre in festivals


MUSICAL THEATRE / TUESDAYS / INSTRUCTOR NIKITA SILAGY / $337.00 (includes supplies) / GRADES 4-8 /  22 weeks / 3:45 pm – 5:00 pm / STARTS SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 *

*All classes subject to minimum enrollment

This course will provide students with a safe, fun, and educational exposure to musical theatre. The course will include group vocal lessons focusing on healthy singing techniques, improvisation and rudimentary acting techniques and simple choreography. Students will work in small groups and ensemble situations with the focus on teamwork. There will be an informal Christmas presentation and a final production comprised of 5-8 different scenes depending on the number of students.

Click here to download Group Class Registration forms and Private Music Instructions Request Forms.


Combining voice lessons with piano lessons allows students interested in singing to keep up with their piano skills or add beginner piano to their weekly voice lessons. Each 45 minute lesson will provide an opportunity to: learn the mechanics of singing (technique) through warm-ups and games, learn songs of different styles (including Musical Theatre songs with staging), and learn (or refresh) piano skills through warm-ups and piano pieces. Having a piano or keyboard at home is mandatory. A commitment to weekly practise of both voice and piano will be expected (although not both every day). Piano is a huge asset for singers of all levels. It encourages independent singing away from recordings (‘creating’ rather than ‘imitating’) as the singer learns how to track melodies. As piano skills improve, the singer will be encouraged to ‘self-accompany’ easier repertoire with piano chords. For pianists at a more advanced level (RCM Grade 6 and up), a one hour lesson slot is recommended for Voice/Piano combo lessons.


LCS-img_77Linden Christian School encourages its teachers, administrators, and support staff to nurture their careers in an environment that demands excellence and inspires professionals to reach farther than they ever have before.Ours is a culture that promotes teamwork, nourishes the Christian spirit, and encourages the sharing of ideas. When there are positions available, we welcome applications from



Linden Christian School (LCS) invites applications for the position of Substitute Teacher for all levels Kindergarten through Grade 12. LCS is a K-12 independent school with over 900 students. An LCS substitute teacher contributes to the accomplishment of educational practices and objectives that will advance the Mission and Vision of Linden Christian School.

The successful candidate will:

  • hold a valid MB Teaching Certificate;
  • have a sincere love for Jesus Christ evidenced by lifestyle, including regular attendance at weekly church services;
  • give evidence of a strong commitment to Christian faith in belief and practice, and be in agreement with LCS’ Mission, Vision and Core Value statements;
  • be willing to sign and adhere to the LCS Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Commitment and demonstrate confidentiality relating to all school issues;

Interested candidates should review the Statement of Faith that follows this employment opportunity. Applicants are asked to forward a covering letter, a complete résumé, a personal statement of faith and a minimum of three references, one being from the applicant’s pastor or church leader. Please submit your résumé to the attention of:

Robert Charach, Principal and CEO
℅  Anne Penner, Human Resources Coordinator
Linden Christian School
877 Wilkes Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3P 1B8

Only those applicants being considered for the position will be contacted to arrange an interview.  

Employment Opportunity for LCS Substitute Teacher

Statement of Faith