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Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

At Linden Christian School, students seek to see and understand the world through God’s eyes, while growing to be devoted followers of Christ and becoming compassionate community members.

Biblical principles that serve as a foundation for a purposeful, meaningful life are taught in Bible classes to all grades and integrated across the curricula, in discussions, learning activities and in the general life of the school.

LCS seeks to develop in students and staff a desire to be actively engaged in God’s Kingdom by being Christian disciples. We partner with families and their churches to help our students to know, love and serve God.

Early Years: Spiritual Development

At LCS we seek to equip students to love and serve God. Bible is taught as a subject area in K–4 by the classroom teacher. Students and teachers spend time exploring the Bible, memorizing scripture, and praying together. Each week, students and teachers meet together for chapel. Chapels are a special time of worshiping God, learning from God’s Word, and praying together.

Each Early Years classroom partners with a missionary or mission organization to provide prayer and support with age appropriate outreach. A favourite yearly activity we participate in is filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. As Early Years educators, our goal is to teach these young children that they can make a difference in the lives of others by acting as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Middle Years: Spiritual Development

Grade 5 – 8 is a dynamic time of life for students as they transition from childhood into adolescence. So while the world for students at this age broadens and gets more complex, students appreciate knowing there is a supportive school community around them. Through strong relationships with school staff and sound biblical instruction in Bible classes and school chapels, LCS seeks to provide spiritual care and support for students navigating these impressionable years.

Prayer is an important and powerful part of each day for staff and students at LCS. Middle Years students and teachers pray for one another on a regular basis and is often how the day starts off!

Grade 5-8 chapels occur once per week, usually on Fridays, in the Sanctuary. Chapels are opportunities for students and staff to gather in community to worship God and learn together about His character and will for us. Our Middle Years Spiritual Care Coordinator leads students into age-appropriate studies of God’s word that focus on encouraging a personal relationship with Christ and helping students learn how to apply biblical truth into everyday life.

Students get involved to support projects like World Vision, or Compassion Canada, providing them with an opportunity to exercise their faith practically in the world beyond the LCS community. Students are also encouraged to participate in direct service opportunities in the broader community.


Senior Years: Spiritual Development

The Senior Years are a time of remarkable growth and change. During this challenging time, students begin to make their own decisions about how to be adults in the world. Our teaching staff, Senior Years Counsellor, and Spiritual Care Director are available to address the personal issues and struggles students face. Our staff members provide guidance while still accepting and encouraging students as independent individuals.

During this often difficult time for young people, a strong faith foundation supports personal growth. Along with regular Bible classes, students can join special study groups during spares and lunch periods. Prayer is also an essential and powerful piece of everyday life at LCS.

Our Senior Years students also experience spiritual growth by serving as mentors to one another and by providing leadership to younger students. During weekly chapels, there are numerous opportunities for students to lead and participate, and they are challenged and intellectually stimulated by dynamic biblical teachers and speakers. As well, each year, Grade 11 and 12 students may apply to participate in a cross-cultural mission trip to Guatemala.

A Message from the Leader of Spiritual Care and Campus Life

Linden Christian School helps students on their journey with Jesus as they discover God’s life changing power. Our goal is to see students flourish and fully experience the abundant life that God has for them. We rejoice with students when they succeed and support them when they struggle. We will all go through difficult times. At Linden, we understand this and want to help students navigate difficult seasons and circumstances. We have a spiritual care team that is intentional about building relationships with students and offering support. Students often need encouragement, a challenge or a listening ear to keep them moving forward in life and faith. We strive to create an environment where students can be themselves and become the people God has designed them to be.

For students to grow in their knowledge of God and love for Jesus we have weekly chapels, Bible studies, service projects, retreats, prayer meetings, and global missions opportunities. As Leader of Spiritual Care and Campus Life, I look forward to helping students learn to serve God and the world around them.

Josh Dalzell / Leader of Spiritual Care and Campus Life