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Middle Years (5-8)

A Message from the Middle Years Vice Principal

Thank you for your interest in Linden Christian School. With a commitment to excellence, Linden Christian School provides a Christ-centred education that equips students to love and serve God in a caring environment. As students journey toward adulthood, we are committed to providing students with nurturing learning experiences that address their needs in the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual domains.

Jeff Thiessen, Middle Years Vice Principal

Middle Years Quick Facts



Amount raised in 2023 for World Vision Gift Catalogue by Gr 5-8s



Students in Grades 5 to 8



Band participation in Grades 6 to 8



Grade 7 & 8 sports teams



Choir participation in Grades 5 to 8

Academic Program

The LCS Middle Years program of study incorporates the full Manitoba school curriculum with a biblical worldview woven across all subject areas. Students experience an integrated approach to learning curriculum while living out spiritual truth.


The Middle Years music program builds upon the solid foundation of the Early Years music program. Grade 5 students receive 120 minutes per cycle of music training that integrates elements of choral and some instrumental. The Grade 6–8 music continues as a requirement and combines band and choir. Students receive between 120-210 minutes of music per cycle which includes elements of choral, instrumental, and music theory and ear training. Performance opportunities are also an important part of our program.


Linden’s athletics program provides an environment where teamwork is encouraged. Students develop skills of leadership, sportsmanship and resilience. There are a number of opportunities to develop skills and compete in Middle Years.

Enrichment and Extracurricular Activities

Linden Christian School encourages learning enrichment activities within the classroom under the direction of the classroom teachers. Enrichment works hand in hand with the academic curriculum to foster greater skill development, team building, commitment, responsibility, follow through, and character development.

Outside of the classroom, a variety of clubs may become available during the year that encourage students to explore new interests and grow their abilities. Middle years students can become part of board game clubs, prayer groups, craft clubs, intramural sports, running clubs and more.

Library and Technology


The library provides high-quality resources and creative programming, encouraging students to read for enjoyment and enrichment. The library staff collaborates with classroom teachers to help develop the literacy skills of our students and teach them to find, evaluate, and ethically and creatively use information.


We integrate technology in the Middle Years to introduce students to up-to-date tools for productivity and research. Our goal is to help students utilize technology as a tool for learning using responsible and creative means.

Student Support

Our goal is to help all students develop the tools they need to be successful learners. At times, additional support is required in the form of guidance or added attention. In addition to providing support in individual subject areas, students may also need assistance with developing better study habits and organization skills. Education assistants are available to provide one-on-one or small group support. English as an Additional Language (EAL) services are also available.

Spiritual Development

Grade 5 – 8 is a dynamic time of life for students as they transition from childhood into adolescence. So while the world for students at this age broadens and gets more complex, students appreciate knowing there is a supportive school community around them. Through strong relationships with school staff and sound biblical instruction in Bible classes and school chapels, LCS seeks to provide spiritual care and support for students navigating these impressionable years.


Prayer is an important and powerful part of each day for staff and students at LCS. Middle Years students and teachers pray for one another on a regular basis and the school day usually starts off with prayer.


Grade 5-8 chapels occur once per week, usually on Fridays, in the Sanctuary. Chapels are opportunities for students and staff to gather in community to worship God and learn together about His character and will for us. Our Middle Years Spiritual Care Coordinator leads students into age-appropriate studies of God’s word that focus on encouraging a personal relationship with Christ and helping students learn how to apply biblical truth into everyday life.

Outreach and Community Service

Students get involved to support projects like World Vision or Compassion Canada, which provides them with an opportunity to serve in the world beyond the LCS community. Students are also encouraged to participate in direct service opportunities in the broader community.