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Our Campus

Linden Christian School’s K-12 campus features many exceptional and upgraded indoor and outdoor spaces for student use. See some highlights of our campus here.



The sanctuary is well utilized by the students of LCS, Monday through Friday. With comfortable seating for over 1300 people, the sanctuary is fully equipped and provides a lovely, acoustically-optimized space for our chapels, band and choir concerts, and musical theater productions.

Main School Entrance

Once you enter the main school entrance, the long hallway you face is the beginning journey that will lead you through the corridors of LCS. In this hallway, we have a dedicated space that houses LCS student achievements in Music and Athletics.

Science Lab

Our newest science lab encompasses 1500 square feet of state-of-the-art space, with lots of well equipped lab stations. With greater access to technology and equipment, the new lab has facilitated a greater understanding of God’s creation through science for our Senior Years students.


Large Gym

The large gym is used mostly by Middle and Senior Years students. It is a great space for the regular physical education programs as well as home to the LCS Wings Junior Varsity and Varsity Volleyball and Basketball teams.  

Band Room

Our Fine and Performing Arts spaces meet the creative needs of students with facilities and technology conducive to artistic expression. Our band and choir rooms are acoustically designed to enhance students’ musical performances.

South Hall & Grant Café

Whether studying, eating lunch, or visiting with friends, the South Hall and Grant Café, with floor to ceiling windows, is a wonderful gathering space for older LCS students.


In its own enclosed playground, our Kindergarten and Grade 1 students enjoy the Playscape. This natural space offers many options for fun, activity and play.

The Large Field

With over 12,500 m², the large field was fully restored and renovated in the summer of 2020. It features a basketball court, running track, two mini soccer fields, a baseball diamond and much more.

Community Courtyard

Our community courtyard was completed in 2022. It is an inviting, accessible, and great gathering space for our older students.

Grade 2-6 Play Structure

Students in Grades 2 through 6 have recess on the large field and enjoy using the Evos play structure.