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Early Years (K-4)

A Message from the Early Years Vice Principal

The Early Years of a child’s school life should be filled with wonder, curiosity and possibility! This is an exciting time in development and learning for your child. We want to partner with families to build and develop a child’s understanding of Christ’s love in this world. Our caring teachers focus on supporting the whole child by helping to develop their academic, physical, social-emotional, and spiritual understanding and skills. When you entrust your child to our care, you will have a strong sense of connection to our community, as parents are a vital part of this thriving school!

Heather Karr, Early Years Vice Principal

Early Years Quick Facts



Number of classes at each grade level



of our K-4 classes take French



Number of students in K-4



Specialized playgrounds



Average EY class size

Academic Program

Early Years students are taught beyond the Manitoba curriculum. We also integrate a biblical worldview into the teaching of all subject areas. The learning environment encourages exceptional academic performance as we set high, but achievable, expectations.


LCS offers two options for families:

  • Full Time Kindergarten
  • Part Time Kindergarten – (full days; Mon, Wed, Fri)



All Kindergarten to Grade 4 students receive French language instruction. The program is taught using the Accelerated Integration Method (AIM), which uses hand actions to reinforce the spoken language. Drama, song, and movement reinforce the themes of the curriculum. Through the use of these activities, students are quick to learn a wide range of French vocabulary and have fun while doing it.


Our Early Years music teacher works with the Orff method of music education, in which children learn music by experiencing and participating in a rich variety of musical lessons and activities. The Orff-based program focuses on singing, movement, speech, instruments, listening, and the study of composers. Students experience music in dynamic ways in the classroom and have many performance opportunities at Christmas and Spring concerts, the Winnipeg Music Festival, and school chapels.

Student Support

Our model of student support focuses on inclusion and supporting our students within the classroom setting as much as possible. Resource teachers and educational assistants assist in classrooms as needed.

Many of the intervention programs at LCS take place in Early Years where the emphasis is on developing reading and writing skills. Students who require additional reading support are given one-on-one or small group instruction based on the latest teaching techniques. Specialized support is also available to students who require extra help in math.

Library and Technology


The library is a place of adventure and learning for our Early Years students. Students may find that the library has been transformed into an Egyptian tomb or a medieval castle where books provide entrance to realms of new knowledge and enjoyment. All of our Early Year’s students enjoy visiting the library regularly and sign out books to take home and read.


Information Technology concepts are learned and used practically in each curriculum area. We follow Manitoba guidelines in a program called Literacy with Information Communication Technology (LwICT), while also teaching students to use technology responsibly and ethically. The program is designed to support critical and creative thinking about information and encourage students to think about communication as citizens of the global community.

Co-curricular Activities

The Early Years program provides an exciting and creative variety of extra-curricular activities, including intramural sports, field day, Winter Carnival and Chapel Teams. Students have fun while building social skills and learning through these activities.

Co-curricular activities in Kindergarten to Grade 4 at LCS often take place in classrooms and in grade groups as our teachers work together to provide ways to integrate learning, fun and fellowship.

Spiritual Development

LCS offers a Christ-centred education that equips students to love and serve God. We work with families and local churches as God’s word is taught in bible and integrated into the curriculum. In Early Years, our students study the bible, memorize scripture, pray and worship together.


Students pray with their teachers for each other’s needs and for the needs of the world around them.


Chapels are a special time where our Early Years students can worship, sing and pray together.  Each class has the opportunity to lead and present in chapel.  There are also special chapels that bring the LCS community together.

Outreach and Community Service

As LCS students learn to be compassionate and serve in the world around them our Early Years students have the opportunity to put love into action and experience the joy that comes with giving back.   As the needs of others are identified, students are encouraged to participate with age appropriate activities, service and prayer.