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Athletic Building Blocks through Basic Movement Skills

Athletic Building Blocks through Basic Movement Skills

BMS is a program that was launched 20 years ago to help students work on and improve their basic movement and motor skills during physical education (PE) training. These movement skills include throwing, catching, running and jumping, and contribute to the development of agility, speed and balance. BMS helps to develop children’s physical, emotional and social developments. Our Grades 1-3 classes participate in BMS (Basic Movement Skills) and are provided with opportunities to acquire the skills required for many different sports.

Grade levels come down to the large gym once a cycle at LCS and are divided into two groups. Once group will spend 30 mins doing different activities (rotating through stations) that focus on a specific movement skill on one side of the gym, while the other group plays a fun and active game on the other side of the gym. Throughout the school year our students will work on 13 different movement skills that help them build a positive relationship with sports and exercise. This leads to a healthier lifestyle and improves self worth.

Yesterday in BMS, our Grade 3 students played Fox and Rabbits on one side of the gym, while on the other side small groups moved through stations where they practiced striking and throwing skills with various balls, tennis equipment, and even rubber chickens!