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Beginner Band Development on Display

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Beginner Band Development on Display

Middle Years band teacher Marla Friesen led our Grade 6 students through a Beginner Band Presentation on January 25. Our audience included parents and students in Grades 4 and 5. They enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the progress of our newest band members as Mrs.Friesen led the Grade 6s through warm up exercises, beginning band sounds, scales, and what it sounds like when all the instruments come together to play a song. Student presenters spoke about the experience of learning a new instrument and starting band class. Guests also heard from a number of brave soloists.

So much musical progress has happened since September, 2023, when our Grade 6 students began their journey with their new instrument and stepped into their very first band class.

This annual event is also an opportunity for our Grade 4 and 5 students to witness a mini concert and start thinking about which instrument they would like to play in Grade 6.