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Curling in Physical Education Class!

Curling in Physical Education Class!

Grade 1 & 2 students at LCS had the opportunity to enjoy curling basics on February 14, 2023. Caitlin Kostna from Rocks & Rings spent time with our Early Years students in the Small Gym. The former Junior Provincial curling champion helped our students develop basic skills through fun team building activities during scheduled physical education classes.

Rocks & Rings is a program designed to introduce the Olympic sport of curling to elementary school children by bringing curling equipment for interactive physical education games right into the school gym. Rocks & Rings reaches children that otherwise may not have access to the sport.

A favourite in-school field trip for both teachers and students, the unique and interactive physical education program transforms school gyms into curling rinks. Indoor floor curling equipment is used to provide a true curling experience without requiring ice!

Various drills, relays and team-building activities are used to introduce students to the sport of curling. The interactive program prioritizes fun while teaching new skills.

Our students had a great day with Caitlin Kostna. What a great introduction to the sport of curling!

Former Junior Provincial Curling Champion Caitlin Kostna helped our students develop curling skills
Grades 1-2 students enjoyed Rocks & Rings

The interactive physical education program transformed our school gyms into a curling rink!