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Senior Years Athletics Banquet

Senior Years Athletics Banquet

Linden Christian School celebrates ongoing athletic accomplishments. This June, we hosted the Athletics Banquet as a way to honour our Senior Years athletes and the contributions they made to our teams. While the athletes were the ones presented with the awards, we are thankful for the time and effort made by our coaches and parents as well!

There are numerous awards that recognize the achievement of our players. The Athletic Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have played on multiple LCS sports teams. New this year, the Coaches Award was created to acknowledge athletes who have helped add to their team in some shape or form. The Most Outstanding Player Award is given to players who exhibit great skill. Playing sports can be intense, and at Linden, we encourage athletes to be Ambassadors of Christ. The Christian Character Award is a very important achievement which is presented to athletes who represent Christ on and off the bench. Last but certainly not least, the Athlete of the Year Award acknowledges well rounded players who commit to the overall success of the LCS Wings.

Junior Varsity Athletic Achievement Award: Sam A, Matthew B, Blaze E, Sam G, Erika B, Grayce D, Keira F, Uyen N, Raniya M, and Mika F.

Varsity Athletic Achievement Award: Nathan B, Carson R, Will, Daunte B, Chayse D, and Emma P.

Coaches Award: Brandi K. (JV Volleyball), Sam G. (JV Volleyball), Nevaeh M. (Varsity Volleyball), Simeon E. (Varsity Volleyball), Raniya M. (JV Basketball), Grayson D. (JV Basketball), Chayse D. (Varsity Basketball), Carson R. (Varsity Basketball), Jaylene W. (Soccer) and Alvaro S. (Soccer).

Most Outstanding Player Award: Erika B. (JV Volleyball), Blaeze E. (JV Volleyball), Gabby K. (Varsity Volleyball), Ian C. (Varsity Volleyball), Jennifer Z. (JV Basketball), Sam G. (JV Basketball), Nosa A. (Varsity Basketball), Nathan B. (Varsity Basketball), Dasha R. (soccer), and Ari H. (soccer).

Christian Character Award: Liz W. (JV Volleyball), Thomas B. (JV Volleyball), Heather G. (Varsity Volleyball), Liam B. (Varsity Volleyball), Uyen N. (JV Basketball), Matthew B. (JV Basketball), Emma Kate F. (Varsity Basketball), Daunte B. (Varsity Basketball), Katrina R. (Soccer), and Vanya R. (Soccer).

Athlete of the Year Award:

Junior Varsity: Raniya M. and Sam G.

Varsity: Chayse D. and Nathan B.

Congratulations Athletes!