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Spring Choir Concerts

The Arts
Spring Choir Concerts

LCS hosted three separate in-person Spring Choir Concert’s for the first time since 2019. All three of our concerts were full of excitement and much time and effort went into the overall success of each performance. It is always a pleasure to hear students using their voices to have fun while glorifying God. Our K-4 students also played kazoos, xylophones, recorders and drums. The Middle Years Concert was light-hearted and fresh, consisting of many songs from Broadway shows. Lastly, the Grade 9-12 Concert contained thoughtful and mature songs. Well done students, it was a blessing to hear such beautiful performances.

Our Early Years, Middle Years, and Senior Years Spring Choir Concerts were planned and led with excellent leadership from our choral teachers Mrs. Brenda Johnson, Mrs. Janna Reid, and Mrs. Kim Neufeld. Their enthusiasm was contagious and demonstrated to each student that singing is a great way to communicate joy and love for Christ.

Much preparation is needed for a choir concert, and this work typically extends beyond the music room. Choir uniforms have to be washed and ready to go, and students need to practice regularly and be transported to and from their concert. Scheduling, encouragement, support and practice for each performing arts ensemble and choir are key to a successful concert. We would like to thank family and friends for cheering on our students behind the scenes and helping to foster a love of music.

It was exciting for LCS to share memorable concert experiences with the community once again.