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50th Day of School for Part-Time Kindergarten

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50th Day of School for Part-Time Kindergarten

LCS Early Years classrooms have a tradition of celebrating the 100th day of school in the new year. Our part-time Kindergarten students have also reached a monumental milestone: 50 days of classroom learning. Mrs. Garcia’s class has experienced tremendous growth since September and it was time to celebrate their efforts!

Students were invited to dress up for the day on Monday, January 30, 2023 as though they were from the 1950’s, or to wear a shirt decorated with 50 items. The Kindergarten students worked with numeracy concepts, decorated special party hats, learned dance moves from the 1950s, made Froot Loop necklaces by counting 50 pieces of cereal, went on a scavenger hunt, and enjoyed an ice cream treat.

What a fun day of celebrating learning and encouraging our students towards hard work and positive efforts. KG is already counting down to their 100th day of school!