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Big Impact on Guatemala Missions Team

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Big Impact on Guatemala Missions Team

A team of 22 LCS students and four staff members are currently wrapping up their missions trip to Tactic, Guatemala. Our team has been serving with Impact Ministries from February 6-16, 2024, helping with work projects, a VBS program, visiting sponsor homes, participating in worship services, and visiting local schools and historic sites. Our students and staff have been blessed and challenged as they’ve experienced God at work in Guatemala.

LCS has been partnering with Impact for thirteen years. The Christian organization, led by Les and Rita Peters, is dedicated to the mission of growing Godly leaders to effect spiritual change in Guatemala. They train Guatemalans for leadership by building and operating Christian Schools, supporting the growth and development of new churches, offering medical and dental services, and providing care to orphaned and abandoned children.

Each year at LCS we hear about the amazing “hug-lines” and this year was no exception. The 2024 team were welcomed to the Impact Ministries school with fire crackers, confetti and 200 children enthusiastically greeting them. Our students enjoyed the blessing of hugging all the students and telling them that God loves them; it was a very impactful and meaningful start to the trip.

Another highlight included delivering sponsor gifts to the schools and local homes, bringing a message of hope and spending time in prayer for families with sponsored children. Our students led activities with the kids and were encouraged by the way Impact is providing a safe space for children to learn and grow emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

The 2024 team spent time worshiping at schools, church services, and together as a team. They were inspired by participating in passionate singing and working alongside people who generously serve. They enjoyed tours of the base, participated in work projects (hauling logs up the side of a mountain), witnessed worship practices at the Chi-xim Catholic Church, visited and prayed over the spiritually dark Chi-choy sink hole, ran a VBS program for three days, and were welcomed into sponsored children’s homes. The hospitality, joy and generosity of the Guatemalan people and Impact Ministry staff challenged and encouraged our students throughout the trip.

Each team member was encouraged as they saw people in need receive the promises of God into their lives and circumstances. Serving alongside Impact Ministries in Tactic, Guatemala has left our 2024 missions team with a greater desire for God and a deeper realization of their dependence on Him. They are thankful for the opportunity to have left regular schedules, commitments and attachments, giving space for God to shape and speak to them throughout the trip.