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Book Tastings at the Biblio Café

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Book Tastings at the Biblio Café

Students in Grades 3-8 were invited to sample a buffet of books at the Biblio Café this week. The unique opportunity introduced students to a variety of authors and genres, allowing them to “sample”, choose “appetizers and entrées”, and order “take out” when they found books to their liking!

Decorated with table cloths, place settings and twinkly lights, our library was transformed into a restaurant.

Guests to the Biblio Café were given a menu that listed 6 Flavourful Specials (book genres). Students could choose from Adventure Fiction, Mystery Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Historical Fiction.

Students were invited to seat themselves at a table featuring the special (genre of their choice), and then select a book from that table to sample. After sampling an appetizer, they could move to a different table where they were invited to sample an entree.

The Café included a Book Tasting experience. Students were asked to open their menus and record the special (genre) by writing down the title and author of the book. Questions like “should you judge a book by its cover?” were addressed and students had a “first bite” (rating the book cover) by answering the question “do you find it interesting and eye catching?”.

The Book Tasting experience helped our students grow a curiosity about books by answering questions like “does the story description make you want to learn more about the book?”, “do you find the book interesting?”, and “is this a book you would like to check out?” after reading the first 3 to 5 pages.

If and when students found a book to their liking, “take out” (signing the book out) was highly encouraged!

To finish off the experience, students were treated to a fèves en gelée, carefully handed out by one of the library chefs.

Thank you to Library Technicians Kim Marr and Elizabeth Inglis for creatively fostering a growing curiosity about books and a love of reading in our Early and Middle Years students!