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Celebrating 100 Days of Classroom Learning

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Celebrating 100 Days of Classroom Learning

Full-time Kindergarten to Grade 2 celebrated 100 days of classroom learning on Thursday, February 15, 2024.

Students were invited to dress up as 100 year-olds, bring 100 items from home, or wear clothing decorated with 100 items. There were so many fancy shirts!

Children wrote letters to their 100 year old self and even had pictures taken with AgingBooth, an app that showed each student what they might look like at 100 years of age.

They were challenged to build a structure from either 100 pieces of lego, 100 dominos, 100 toothpicks or 100 unification cubes and make necklaces with fruit loops – yum!  Many 100 Day crowns were made and donned by our students.

Consensus among the children was that “naptime” would be a popular activity for 100 year olds.

Thank you to our teachers for their preparations to ensure the students had an amazing day. Congratulations to our students for all they have learned in their first 100 days of school!

Today was a wonderful celebration – the pictures tell the story!