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Connecting with Our Neighbors

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Connecting with Our Neighbors

Mrs. Janet Laldin’s Grade 6 class recently visited the Waverley Retirement Residence to build community with our neighbors. LCS students were given opportunities to grow an appreciation for Canadian – Winnipeg history and the seniors living next door.

They discovered differences between life now and when the Waverley residents were children. Students spent time asking the residents questions like: “Where were you born?”, “what brought you to Winnipeg?”, “what was school like when you were in grade 6?”, and “what were some of your hobbies when you were in school?” These questions led to connections and gave the students a glimpse into how life has changed over the past 50-60 years.

The visit and survey was planned in conjunction with 6L’s Social Studies course on “Our Changing Nation”. What a great way for LCS students to grow their knowledge of the past, build social skills, and nurture relationships with our neighbors.