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Creativity Meets Functionality in Grade 4 Learning

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Creativity Meets Functionality in Grade 4 Learning

Students in Grade 4 recently designed a musical instrument using everyday materials. The finished products needed to be sturdy, have the ability to change volume, and play three different pitches. Students were tasked with writing a report that discussed the name of their instrument, materials used, how sound was created, steps taken to create it, and any troubles they encountered in the process. Grade 4s then had the opportunity to present their instrument to classmates.

Their designs needed to fit into one of the following categories: woodwinds, percussion or string. Quality of construction, quality of sound, knowledge of the instrument family, and the student’s written report were taken into consideration while grading this project. It was great to see the students showcase evidence of personal reflection and improvement to their instruments while gaining an understanding of science and design.

Bravo to our students for their creative and functional handiwork!