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Earth Day Initiatives – Teaching Students to Care for Our World

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Earth Day Initiatives – Teaching Students to Care for Our World

Many of our educators incorporated Earth Day initiatives into classroom learning on Monday, April 22. Early Years students picked up litter on the school yard, field, and in front of the church property and teachers found creative ways to celebrate the special day.

Grade 2 teacher Amanda Janzen is currently teaching her students about air, water and the environment. Earth Day was a great opportunity to talk about pollution and how we can help to take care of the Earth by recycling and conservation efforts. Her students made a water usage chart and used tally marks to keep track of how often they used water to brush their teeth, flush the toilet, wash their hands, take a shower, drink water, etc. Janzen focused on how God is a God of order and reinforced that He created the water cycle so that there will always be water to sustain the living things on the earth. She taught her students the importance of being mindful of how we use our resources so as to not waste energy.

Grade 1 teacher Jolene Hedlin spoke to her students about how God told Adam and Eve to take care of the earth (Genesis 2:15), how He is good, and that He gave us the earth to use as a temporary home. She reinforced that this instruction is applicable to us all today. Students brainstormed ideas about how they can help and make wise choices.

Jennifer Rumbolt’s students painted gloves with hands to symbolize how we are called to be ambassadors of the earth and care for all that God has made.

As a part of the Grade 1 Science unit on Objects and Materials, Candida Doerksen had her students collect recyclable materials and explore how they could reuse these materials to turn them into useful objects. Students will be designing their objects out of materials that might otherwise have been thrown away.

Many thanks to our Early Years teachers for their efforts in guiding our students to be mindful ambassadors of our earth.