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Blessed Through Service in Guatemala

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Blessed Through Service in Guatemala

After three years of being unable to travel to Guatemala, on February 7 – 17, 2023, a team of 22 LCS students and four staff members travelled to Tactic to work alongside Impact Ministries. The Christian organization, led by Les and Rita Peters, operates Christian schools, supports the growth and development of new churches, offers medical and dental services, and provides care to orphaned and abandoned children.

LCS team members were challenged and encouraged in different ways throughout the trip and it was clear that God was teaching them what it means to rely on Him. Highlights of the trip included working alongside Guatemalan students to lead a VBS program, “hug-lines” and being welcomed at the Impact schools, witnessing the joy and faith of the Guatemalan people, and having the opportunity to visit sponsor children in their homes.

The team visited Impact Ministries’ schools and spent time worshiping with the children. They enjoyed tours of the base, participated in work projects (hauling logs up the side of a mountain), worshipped at the Iglesias Rio De Vida Church, visited and prayed over the spiritually dark Chi-choy sink hole, and ran a VBS program for three days.

The team was inspired by participating in passionate worship and working alongside people who were willing to serve. They experienced the uniqueness of serving in another country and seeing God powerfully at work. Their hearts were encouraged as they saw people in need come to Christ and receive the promises of God into their lives and circumstances. Witnessing and serving alongside Impact Ministries in Tactic, Guatemala left the team with a greater desire for God and a deeper realization of their dependence on Him.

Thank you for your prayers for the 2023 Guatemala missions trip. Our team was encouraged, challenged and blessed during their time with Les and Rita Peters from Impact Ministries.

Hiking and work projects were included in the 10 day missions trip
Students had the opportunity to visit sponsor children in their homes!
The team in Antigua
Our team visited and lifted up prayers and God’s promises at the Chi-choy sink hole