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Celebrating Students at K-8 Chapel

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Celebrating Students at K-8 Chapel

Each spring at LCS, our K-8 community gathers to celebrate student accomplishments at our K-Grade 8 Celebration Chapel. On Friday, May 31, 2024 students were recognized for various achievements, character awards and school involvement.

We thanked our Crosswalk Patrols and presented trophies to our Speech Contest winners. All finalists were hooured and the overall top speeches were awarded trophies. Congratulations to Vitor G, Isla H, Seth S, Rayna B, Caleb P, Hadley L, Jaydeep B, Daniela H, Ethan S, Sofia Z, Emmanuel D, Tias V, Levi W, Jonathan Z, Avery N, Charlee T, Victoria P, David L, Daniel N, Chris D, Mariam B, Ian S, Lucas M. and Raya P.

Early and Middle Years Choral awards were presented to Mrs. Brenda Johnson and Mrs. Janna Reid, by Joanne Mercier, the Executive Director of the Winnipeg Music Festival and her assistant Dawn Bruch-Wiens, on behalf of our Grade 3, 4 and 8 choirs. Our Grade 3 choir received the Sir Hugh Roberton Trophy, which is awarded to the most outstanding performance by a School Choir in K-Grade 8. They also received the Helen Derksen Memorial Shield for the most outstanding performance of a sacred selection by a School Choir in K-Grade 6. Our Grade 4 Choir was the recipient of the Annie Pullar Trophy for the most outstanding performance by a School Choir in K-Grade 6 by a Canadian Composer. The LCS Grade 8 Choir was the recipient of the Salisbury House Trophy. It is annually awarded to the most outstanding performance by a School Chorus in Grades 7-9.

All of our LCS students who attended the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium this year were given medals and awards. Three of our students were also awarded special awards (Best overall Plant Science Project, Wise Kidnetics Award, Best Overall Chemistry Project – Junior Level, and Best Overall Chemistry Project – Elementary Level). Congratulations to Iwinosa A, Laura A, Avanya D, David L, Brielle M, Avery N, Ayomipo O, Ayda S, Nash S, Johann V, Salomé G. and Kheya H.

Mr. Pullman and Mrs. Tawfik recognized the excellence of our Grade 7-8 athletes (volleyball, basketball and badminton).

Students in Grades 7 and 8 were able to participate in 2 math contests through CEMC and the University of Waterloo this year. LCS was ranked 133 out of 1259 schools in Canada. Nine of our students ranked above the contest average in the Pascal Math Contest. Four of the Grade 8 students were also in the provincial top 100. Congratulations to Luke R, Tommy T, Annie W, Lukas Y and Vicki Z for ranking in the top 25% of contest participants!

Congratulations to Eric C, Leo K, Paher K, Ayomipo O, Anabella P and Jonathan Z for scoring in the top 25 % of participants in the Guass Math Contest. Congratulations to the following Grade 8 students of distinction for scoring in the top 25% of participants in the Guass Math Contest: Sierra B, Lucas M, Claire S, Josh T, Annie W, Lucas Y and Vicki Z. Congratulations to Claire S for the top LCS score!

Vice Principal of Middle Years Jeff Thiessen presented our Grade 8 Servant Leadership awards to Ashton dY, Kaitlyn J, Myla K, Hadassah O, Korbin P, Miriam S and Annie W.

Congratulations to all of our students for working hard throughout the 2023-2024 school year!

Our Grade 3,4 and 8 Choirs were the recipients of Winnipeg Music Festival Awards
Grade 8 Servant Leadership Awards
Grade 7-8 Speech Contest Awards
Grade 5-6 Speech Contest Awards
Math Contest Awards
Guass Math Contest Awards
Grade 8 Students of Distinction – – Guass Math Contest
MSSS Science Fair Awards