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Positive Connections at our Before and After School Care Program

Positive Connections at our Before and After School Care Program

The Before and After School Care Program at Linden Christian School hosts up to 115 kids in the afternoon and 45 kids each morning. All students at LCS in Kindergarten to Grade 6 are eligible to use BASC as often or infrequently as needed.

Our program utilizes several rooms around the school, with different options for play and recreation. BASC has a vast array of games, toys and activities for the kids to enjoy, including colouring pages, puzzles, bracelet making, crafts, playhouses, blocks, crafts, and Lego. Grade 4-5 students use the Small Gym and have access to a variety of equipment for playing sports in the morning and afternoons (favourites include mini-sticks, soccer and basketball). Our staff have the capacity to communicate with each other from each BASC space and are able to efficiently send children to check out when their parents arrive and sign them out.

The program is staffed by current LCS high school students and recent graduates who have stayed on while pursuing university. We have 35 current SY students and alumni working in the program, all displaying leadership skills, dedication, and the ability to handle high levels of responsibility. They are chosen through a very comprehensive interview process.

BASC provides an opportunity for all three divisions at LCS (EY, MY, and SY) to come together. The program creates a space for younger children to learn from older students, and to get to know the SY students that are on staff. Seeing each other regularly at Before and After School Care generates familiarity and safety. BASC students and staff love seeing each other in the hallways around the school.

We are always looking for new staff to join our team. Interested candidates can email BASC Coordinator Katy Neuman at [email protected] for more information.