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Students Explore the Essential Needs of Living Organisms

Students Explore the Essential Needs of Living Organisms

Grade 1 students dedicated time to crafting bird feeders during a recent science unit. Mrs. Jolene Hedlin worked with her students, teaching and helping them explore the essential needs of living organisms and their ability to adapt to their surroundings. The project served as a solution to the challenge of birds struggling to locate food throughout the winter months. Materials were collected and brought to school to design and build their very own bird feeders. Students were mindful of their environmental footprint while working, opting to fashion their creations from recycled materials.

After building their birdfeeders, students were asked to present and answer the following questions:

  1. Where will the bird sit to eat?
  2. How will you hang it?
  3. What materials did you use?
  4. Did you have to change anything about your plan to make your birdfeeder work better?
  5. Did something from your plan not work out and you had to switch ideas?

This Early Years project served to engage our students in the world around them, exploring the basic needs and resiliency of animal life, while developing creativity and problem solving skills.