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Valuable K-12 Experience – Grade 3s Visit the Senior Years Science Lab

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Valuable K-12 Experience – Grade 3s Visit the Senior Years Science Lab

There are so many unique learning opportunities available to our students because they belong to a K-12 school community and campus: partnerships between grades, celebrating and worshipping together at Chapel, mentorship opportunities, and the chance to view upcoming opportunities in future grades.

During the week of March 11-14, 2024, our Grade 3 classes enjoyed presentations in our Senior Years science lab, led by Science Department Head Bruce Bartel and Senior Years Physics teacher Daniel Reeve.

Students participated in an interactive presentation that included experiments that demonstrated Forces acting over a distance. Our Early Years students were able to experience the type of class, equipment and resources that our Senior Years students enjoy daily.

Mr. Bartel and Mr. Reeve engaged the students with lessons on magnetic fields, static electricity, gravitational pull and more. The students enjoyed visiting our state of the art science lab and participating in many experiments. It was exciting to see enthusiasm for future learning in the science lab grow in our Grade 3 students.

What a fun way to introduce our Early Years students to potential course electives and opportunities. Our Senior Years teachers did a great job of engaging their curiosity and showcasing the equipment and experiments that they can look forward to in their high school years at LCS.