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Warm Winter Carnival

School News
Warm Winter Carnival

Early Years students enjoyed Winter Carnival stations on February 23, 2024. The unseasonably warm temperatures made for a very pleasant day of outdoor activities. Although more snow would have improved the toboggan fun, overall, the pleasant weather was wonderful and enhanced the day for our students outdoors!

Kindergarten to Grade 4 students played broomball, snow soccer and engaged in curling activities. Toboggan fun and dog sled relay races were a hit. Igloo tag and Festival du Voyageur cooperative games kept our youngest students engaged and working together to complete a series of challenges. Hoop Loop, Four Corners and and chain relay races were also enjoyed throughout the day.

Thank you to our Early Years Physical Education teacher Riley Bredin for organizing the event and to our Grade 6 student leaders, who helped organize and lead each station throughout the day.

It was great to see our students laughing, exercising, and having fun with classmates and friends on the warm winter day.