We Remember

Published on: November 14, 2017

Linden Christian School hosted their Remembrance Day Chapel on Friday, November 10. The annual service included dramatic presentations, recitations and song. Guests enjoyed poems (Symbol of a Poppy and In Flanders Fields) from Grades 2 and 3 students. Reveille, prayer, as well as a Senior Years drama and closing song (Prayer of the Children) from our Senior Years Choir helped us remember and reflect. Students and Chapel guests participated in a moment of silence and an address from Principal Charach focused our attention on sacrifice and gratitude.

Remembering the men and women who served and sacrificed, those affected by war, acknowledging the power of prayer for nations enduring suffering and violence, and gratefully reflecting on those who are presently serving were highlights of this special Chapel.


  • "Symbol of a Poppy" by 2J
  • Welcome from Mr. Andrew Fast
  • Grade 3 students recite "In Flanders Fields"
  • "Is Another Way Possible?"
  • Thank you Senior Year drama students
  • Prayer from Mr. Jeff Thiessen
  • Principal Robert Charach shares from history
  • Our Senior Choir sing "Prayer of the Children"



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